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Lightly used for photo shoots only, excellent used condition.Shorts feature crushed black velvet, lace-up grommet front with black cotton cord, and have comfortable/form-fitting stretch fit. The waist size is adjustable with the laces, simply pull them tighter for a snugger fit, or loosen them up for a larger fit. Check measurements below.

Keep in mind that if you pull the cords at their tightest fit, the row of grommets on each side will sit parallel to each other. If they are loosened, they will form more of a V shape. This is a personal preference. 
second pic are the actual shorts other pics from backbite

size Small

Waist: 22" laced tightest, 30" laced loosest. Can stretch up to a few more inches.

Hips: 32" Can stretch up to a few more inches.

Rise: 10"

Side Seam: 9.5"